Vitrectomy Surgery Experience

Vitrectomy Surgery Experience

The Vitrectomy Surgery Experience

We caught up with a patient who recently experienced a vitrectomy surgery to gain insight on the recovery process. Vitrectomy surgery, more commonly known as macular hole surgery, is a serious procedure that can produce powerful results. The recovery process is sometimes long and tireless, but it is usually worth the downtime.

Vitrectomy surgery usually lasts less than 2 hours and the patient is NOT put to sleep. It can be combined with other surgeries like cataract. This may include the addition of an ophthalmologist.

The post-operation activities are far more tedious for the patient than the procedure. Three quarters of each hour after the vitrectomy surgery must be spent on one’s stomach. More specifically, the face must be pointed downwards during this time. There is a strict regiment of eye drops that must be administered throughout the day. Patients are not allowed to fly on airplanes after the surgery or drive until the doctor says so. Eye protection must be worn for at least a week. Patients are not allowed to lift or stoop. It is fairly common to feel sick immediately after the surgery. That feeling goes away after a night’s rest. Out of all the rules given by the doctor, remaining face down is the most important.

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